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Arsenal’s record at Old Trafford in recent times is bad. No question about it. Since an Emmanuel Adebayor goal secured a 1-0 win back in 2006, the teams have met 10 times in Manchester: the record from an Arsenal point of view is P10, D1, L9, W0.

It’s not good. It’s not good like you’re hanging off a thing above a massive air vent and Phil Collins tells you that he’s your real father.

But Arsene Wenger believes the location has little to do with how things will play out, and says it’s down to how the Gunners play tomorrow night.

Of course that’s been true of those last 10 games when we haven’t managed a single win, but hey, we get that he’s trying to take the pressure of such a bad record off his players.

“If I have learnt something in my life it is that the performance on the day decides the outcome of the day, not where you play,” he said.

“When the team is not as good, they lose, it doesn’t matter what shirt they wear, or what stadium they play in – it is down to quality.”

A win would put Arsenal into the semi-finals of the cup they won last season, and the Arsenal manager is hoping his team can repeat the success of last season.

Speaking about the win over Hull he said, “It gave us energy because we had a few years without winning a trophy and on that front it was vital.

“Monday night is a big game, and every big win in a big game has an impact subconsciously in the belief of the team.

“This team has a good mentality because we had a slow start this season and every time when we lose a big game, you see how much the players are touched.

“I think the mentality is very healthy, they want to do well and we will be focused on Monday night.”

Having bounced back from the Monaco defeat with two Premier League wins, some of the intense pressure will have been lifted, but this game feels like a defining moment in our season.

Let’s hope we can produce because a result there is long overdue.